DCBA : Outstanding Partners, Outstanding Leaders – Brook Stuntebeck

By Brook Stuntebeck of Koonsfuller koonsfuller.com


On Thursday, June 22, 2017, Fon Laughlin and I attended the State Bar of Texas Annual meeting at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. For lunch, we were seated in one of the lovely ballrooms with many other representatives from several Bar Associations who were also recipients of awards from the State Bar. The DCBA was honored with receiving the Outstanding Partnership Award (in Division II, which is based on our membership size) because of our efforts partnering with Child Protective Services, CASA, University of North Texas, Texas Women’s University and many other groups in the community during our annual Adoption Day, which took place in early December last year.

Fortunately, DCBA has implemented several successful projects which were submitted to the State Bar, each to be considered for various awards. Applying for an award from the State Bar of Texas is not merely so that we can “toot” out own horn, but rather it honors the attorneys we have in Denton County for the rest of this state to recognize the work that is accomplished locally. Yes, we work hard at our “regular” jobs, but we also find the time to commit to volunteering for an association that we believe does good things in the community and for one another as lawyers. In Denton County, we are privileged to have wonderful people dedicated to our local bar association, and we also have leaders in our community that work hard to represent Denton County to the rest of Texas.

In case you didn’t know, our members’ tradition of service continues beyond serving on the Board for the DCBA. Former DCBA Presidents Hugh Coleman, Travis Biggs and Amie Peace are currently volunteering and serving in several roles for the State Bar of Texas. Hugh Coleman is serving on the State Bar Local Bar Services Committee. Travis Biggs is also serving on the State Bar Local Bar Services Committee and on the Grievance Panel for our State Bar of Texas District. And after serving on the State Local Bar Services Committee for the past few years, Amie Peace continues volunteering for lawyers, and representing us. Amie has been elected as Representative for our District of the State Bar of Texas. Amie serves on many committees for the State Bar in her role as our District Representative and hers is a voice for Denton County across the state. These former presidents are a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in getting involved on both local and state bar association levels, and a superb example of making the time for the benefit of others. And, DCBA member Kimberly Killebrew also serves on the State Bar Local Bar Services Committee.

Thank you for representing us well. And, thank you to our membership for your continued volunteering, donations, and participation in our local programs. We truly have outstanding leaders here in Denton County!