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Mistakes Non-Elder Law Attorneys Make Regarding Elder Law

1 hour CLE Speaker Leigh Hilton

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Judge Jim Johnson Welcomes you to the New 431st District Court

1 hour CLE Speaker Judge Jim Johnson.

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Judge Derbha Jones Welcomes you to the New 467th District Court

1 hour CLE Speaker Judge Derbha Jones. Judicial panelists: Judges Barnes, Breading, McFarling, and Shanklin.

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Personal Injury Issues Related to Other Practice Areas

1 hour CLE Speaker Frank Lyle.

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Driver License/Class C Misdemeanors

1 hour CLE Speaker Brettney Moore.

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Recent Changes to Texas Discovery Practice

1 hour CLE Speaker Stew Schmella.

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TRO’s & Injunctions in Family Law & Civil Cases

1 hour CLE Speaker Andrew Passons. Judges Barnes, Burgess, D. Robison, and Shanklin.

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Mineral Interests 101

1 hour CLE Speaker Scott Hickey.

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Leadership in Times of Change

1 hour CLE Speaker Vicki Clark.

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