DCBA Transitions to Practice Mentoring Project

Transitions to Practice Mentoring Project will be completed at the end of May 2017. It has been an outstanding year for the mentees and mentors alike. The fall saw a number of meetings with outstanding mentor lawyers discussing such things as starting a law practice, finding and keeping good clients, the “ins and outs” of avoiding ethical problems, developing and monitoring a good business plan, officing arrangements, and disaster planning. In the spring, the groups participated in courtroom visits and took part in preparing for and attending a real-life probate and muniment of title proceeding. This coming year, the option to choose either a probate track or a civil track is under development with CLE options. Some judges are implementing a mentor requirement as a condition to serving on the various court appointment lists. The most positive part of the program to the mentees proved to be the “one-on-one” relationships most developed with their mentors. In May at the final meeting, many mentees took to heart the invitation to begin participating in local bar sections and various pro bono opportunities with local nonprofit organizations.

The Denton County Bar Association will be sponsoring a Transitions to Practice Mentoring Project again this year, beginning in September 2016 and running for a nine-month period.

Dates and details will be available in late August. The Deadline for submitting applications for 2016-2017 participation is September 1, 2016.